One Shared Vision For Africa


Lead One’s Vision for Africa

“My people perish for the lack of vision, said the good old book. Vision is the key to any significant achievement in life. However without leadership, there is no vision.” A.B.

Over a decade now, expert’s projections and statistical data are predicting an inevitable change in the development of Africa. As world most powerful nations are taking advantage of these future projections to realign their policy toward Africa, Africa’s leaders are also working to adhere to a joint vision defined by the “AGENDA 2063” plan. The obvious question that arise in this for Lead One Africa is:

How is the elite African diaspora community plug-in to this plan for a developed Africa by 2063?

A Shared Strategic Framework for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development and A Global Strategy to Optimize the Use of Africa’s Resources for the Benefit of all Africans

Lead One Africa’s goal of a one shared vision for Africa, is to develop a platform for elite Africans living in the diaspora to contribute and positively influence policy changes that are being made for the future of Africa. As an organization focusing on leadership, Lead One Africa is committed to take the lead on developing a strategic framework that will guide and influence discussion for the future of Africa.

Lead One Africa’s contribution to the “AGENDA 2063”, is to develop a comprehensive strategy that has four main objectives:

  • Strengthening democratic institutions
  • Stimulating economic growth, trade, and investment;
  • Advancing peace and security
  • Promoting opportunity and development.