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  • Posted on December 19, 2015

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Lead One Africa is a Non-Profit Corporation which has its head office at Fort Washington, (USA).

The core vision of the organisation is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership in middle and high school for the benefit of Sub Sahara Africa. Lead one aims to provide students in Africa with leadership skills, development opportunities through individual programs, retreat and experiential learning. These students will develop lifelong leadership skills that can be utilized with different sectors of the economy.

To expand it vision, Lead One Africa is pleased to inform the public about its existence in Ghana with its current location at Oshuiman, a suburb in Accra. Lead One Africa Ghana is registered under the Registrar General Department and recognised by the law of the country as a Non-Government Organization.

Dr. Kingsley Ampudu (left), Country Director of Lead One Africa Ghana

Dr. Kingsley Ampadu (left), Country Director of Lead One Africa Ghana

To steer its affairs in Ghana, Lead One announce the appointment of Mr.Kingsley Ampadu as the Country Director for Lead One Africa Ghana. Kingsley holds a diploma in Journalism and Media Studies from the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM-UK) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies. He is currently the Event Manager for the Technology Executive Conference,(TEC2016), an event being organised by Lead One Africa in Accra, Ghana.

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