Building Leadership Capacity in African Schools

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  • Posted on December 12, 2015

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“Africa will be made by those who are devoted to it.”

Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, Minister of State, Senegalese Minister for Foreign Affairs

Building leadership capacity is all about developing leadership training modules to build visionary leadership capacities amongst students.

The GAP that we see, live and feel

Africa is underperforming in terms of development because of its leadership capacities.

A critical shortage of upcoming leaders is responsible for the underdevelopment of organizations in many African countries (Ugwuegbu, 2001).

Africans always lament the lack of visionary leaders who will take charge of their countries and steer their countries in the right direction towards self-sufficiency. Visionary leaders in mainstream politics alone cannot make the change happen; they need visionary leaders in every field to be pushing the development agendas and making the most of opportunities that are present to Africa.

Visionary leaders are not born, they are made. Formal educational systems are channels by which young minds are shaped, yet the current educational system in most African countries focuses on imparting knowledge. There is very little focus on developing the leadership capacities in students.

A close examination of the school systems show that the only time students are given a chance at developing leadership skills is when they are selected or elected as student leaders.

Africans need to take charge of developing Africa, there is the need to develop a new generation of leaders who have the vision of developing Africa and helping Africa to contribute its quota to the development of the world and we have rolled up our sleeve to contribute.

How is Lead One the best organization to carry out this initiative?

Most members of the Lead One Africa Board once went through the African Educational System, we learnt some values and gained some skills through the system, but we also recognize the gaps in the system that are partly because of cultural influences and also because of infrequent revision of the curriculum which often times make it difficult for African to catch up with their peers in other developed countries. We have risen beyond these educational shortcomings and have become leaders in various fields. We understand the urgency to make the change whilst Africa still has a chance and we are already changing lives in our little corners. We recognize the task that we are undertaking is big and will work with the all who show commitment to our cause.

This is how our Impact is and shall be felt

Educational institutions that we partner with will be provided with contemporary guidelines that will help to develop leadership capacities of their students alongside the regular curriculum.

  1. Students who take part in our programs will:
  2. Be given exposure to various forms of leadership from front-line politics to leading a small business with the aim of enabling them develop and maintain leadership capacities irrespective of the field that they will find themselves in future.
  3. Be inspired to work towards self-development and the development of the world
  4. Know and understand that although our aim is to make them successful, it is still honorable to try and fail to learn from their mistakes when they make them and move on till they have succeeded.
  5. Student Exchange programs that will facilitate knowledge sharing and development amongst students.

The future of Africa depends on visionary leaders, join us in making them. Find out how you can be part by clicking on


Ugwuegbu, D. C. E. (2001). The Psychology of Management in African Organizations. Westport, CT: Quorum Books (Greenwood).


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